Some artists create concept albums: Yelena Eckemoff has created a CATALOGUE of concept albums! With albums dedicated to The Psalms, Food and the seasons, just to name a few, the pianist/composer puts together a double disc of a tale between a man and a pet. The fourteen songs are performed by Kirk Knuffke/ct, Masaru Koga/fl, Ben Street/b and Eric Harland, with Eckemoff at piano as well as Rhodes and the ampli-celeste.
The combination of cornet and Japanese flutes makes for intriguing tones, with Harland supplying most of the intros of the first disc, going percussive on the pastoral “First Evening At Home” and adding marimba on the fluid “Empty House” and chamber like “In Hospital”. Knuffke asserts himself on “Accident” while Koga is fluffy for “Song For Spark.” Eckemoff sounds comfortable on keys for the upbeat “Life in the Pond” while chimney tones for “Pet Store” and allowing classical tones to waft on ”Dreaming Together”. The songs all of rich moods and harmonies, ranging from a Eastern European chamber to bodhi tree gardens. Unassuming beauty.