Eckemoff is a well-known Finnish pianist and composer with at least a dozen cds in her name, along with prestigious members of both Scandinavian and US jazz musicians, but who, to deal with this double album, are attracted by young compatriots. In addition to composing all the pieces, she also wrote the autobiographical and delicate testo-poetics accompanying each title, she painted the three idiosyncratic images embedded in the cover, the vaguely impressionist flavor a bit naif and vaporous. Each piece is devoted to scents, linked to various personal experiences: the first cd perfumes of the summer, in the second of the winter. This results in a coherent work that is carried out with moderate meditation, with dreamlike views, but also with great determination. The “shelled grizzled” and crystalline touch of the leader is complemented by that of vibraphone, which gives the prevalent color, but the instrumental voice closer to that of Pohjola, whose shrewd tone and the melancholy and languorous loudness are enriched with more inspired cues with choked notes and blow. His style is obviously influenced by Tomasz Stanko, but ultimately it is all the quintet’s music to remind the world of the Polish trumpeter. The coherence and consistency of the articulated project can not, however, prevent the repetition of certain situations.

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