A Russian emigre to the United States who fled her homeland 20 years ago, the gifted and versatile pianist Yelena Eckemoff bridges different worlds, musically and attitudinally. She’s a classically trained player whose studies come through in various ways on her introspective and lyrical piano trio date. On these melancholic and bittersweet tunes, the immediate point of contextual reference and departure is linked to the ECM Records tradition. It helps that bassist Arild Andersen and drummer Peter Erskine have been important players and leaders over the duration of the ongoing ECM saga. They know how to give apt picturesque meaning to Eckemoff’s pensively dirge-like opening piece, “Melting Ice,” how to approach the shimmery ambiguity of “Glass Song” and how to handle the more unsettled harmonic nature of the tonally restless “Polarity.” Chordal voicings and motions on “Sunny Day In The Woods” lean in the direction of a more Ravel-flavored palette, and her phrasing during solos sometimes has that feel of jazz-inspired classical pianists who haven’t fully found their way into the language of swing yet. On the other hand, she carves her own way, cross-talking between genres while keeping her ear on the impressionistic endgame, with ample help from her collaborators.