Yelena Eckemoff, an unknown large talent who has been living in Moscow, later exiled and continued to work on the path. This work is a masterpiece of piano trio work recorded in 2009. While welcoming Mads Vinding on the base and Peter Erskine on the drum, in Japan it is a work almost never known to anyone until now. Although the eyes tend to be luxurious of the members, it is supposed to be drawn into a performance that looks at the deep depth of Ms. Yelena’s piano, a profound world. For example, if you have eyes on ECM label works, you will feel a great surprise and joy in the quality of this work. A penetrating vision that spreads the delicate rhythm scape produced by Vininging & Erskine, the melody of piano made of fine particles will spread to the eyes. Jacket and title reminiscent of extreme cold, but music is reminiscent of a beautiful and fantastic scene like snow fluttering!

(translated from Japanese)