Pianist and composer Yelena Eckemoff continues to release impressive material that is both melodic and adventurous. This time she releases a double album worth of material with the flexible and sensitive team of Adam Rogers/g, Drew Gress/b, Gerald Cleaver/dr and Chris Potter, who brings a wide palate of woodwinds.

With Potter on tenor, Rogers is gentle and the mood is pastoral on a lovely title track, while Gress and piano rumble on “Fishing Village” and the team is gallant on “Trail Along the River.” A brooding bass clarinet mixes with piano reflections on “The Fog” with a placid flute drifting over a loping bass and crisp drum on “Waters of Tsna River.” Rogers is prismatic on “Hammock Stories” and reflective with Potter’s soprano sax during “Tambov Streets on a Summer Night” with some bluesy bass creating hues with the saxist on “Lament.” Eckemoff creates scenes like a water color artist, with soft tones and rich textures on the canvas. Rewarding!

Is she ever coming to the West Coast?