Pianist/composer Yelena Eckemoff delivers a charming two disc album that delivers sonic pictures of summer and winter. The band of her with Verneri  Pohjola/tp-fh, Panu Savolainen/vib, Antti Lotjonen/b and Olavi Louhivuori/dr-perc create audible impressions of various seasonal associations.

For instance, disc one consists of “Summer Smells” which includes “Blooming Tall Phlox” sounding like crystalline and gentle piano, wafting flugelhorn and pulsing bass. The calm vibes chime on “Apples Laid Out On The Floor” while Louhivuori rustles and Pohjola puffs on “ Wildflower Meadows.” You can feel the sounds of the campfire as the percussion snaps like dried twigs during “Sleeping in the Tent” and some mystical piano jins with Eckemoff’s ivories for a rich scent of “Fish Fried on Open Fire.”

For “Winter Smells” Louhivuori’s brushes skate on a lake while Pohjola brews on “Talks Over Hot Tea” and you can smell the must on the shelves as piano and vibes create shadows on “Grandpa Lera’s Bookcase.” Delicate toy-like chimes flutter on “Clementines and Candies on Christmas Tree” and after a fragrant jaunt on “Aunt Galya’s Perfume” the team closes in an Auld Lang Syne cheerful and nostalgic “Scented Candles and Sparkling Wine.”

Two fewer seasons than Vivaldi, but with more stories and characters.