MODERN JAZZ – The slow, halting transition from winter to spring is captured in this gently meditative suite. Eckemoff, who comes in from a classical approach, writes beautiful, crystalline compositions and her trio has an organic, open sound, full of heartache and longing. The recording quality is stellar, the trio is very well balanced, and each musician gets plenty of time in the foreground. Lovely music.

Fo’s Picks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10

  1. 7:30 – starts out hushed & lonely; trickles of movement set up gentle solos
  2. 9:32 – ethereal & sparkling, becomes reflective, with a sense of the surreal
  3. 5:47 – warmer and livelier: the trio scuttles and dances around each other
  4. 7:07 – very delicate: airy piano & low bass/drums drift into an easy flow
  5. 7:41 – a very relaxed, gently swinging stroll, open solo space for all
  6. 5:34 – high, suspended feel, very classically oriented at first but loosens up
  7. 6:32 – slight dissonance gives an unsettled air over steady pulsing rhythm
  8. 7:22 – scattered, very impressionistic, circles a steady drip-drip pattern
  9. 7:43 – melancholy tune, lovely piano on the edge of heartbreak
  10. 7:56 – soft intro, then rolling: raindrop piano and deep bass