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Yelena Eckemoff is a female pianist from Moscow. It seems that she later exiled and is working in the United States. She seems release her leader’s work for about ten years in the past. However, personally, it is the first time that they are unaudited. The motive for purchasing is unquestionably the personnel: Yelena Eckemoff (P), Chris Potter (Ts, Ss, Fl, Bcl), Adam Rogers (G), Drew Gress (B), Gerald Cleaver (Ds)

The album is 2 parts, each CD contains 7 songs. All originals by Yelena Eckemoff.

I thought that jazz concentration might be diluted, because there are many non-4 beat songs with strong contemporary color, but it appeared thast the jazz concentration is performance is quite deep, I guess.

Chris Potter’s saxophone is characterized by skillfulness of playing and making the instrument sound individual, solid, and neat. There are no parts that blow too hard along the tune, but you can not feel dissatisfied by listening.

Yelena Eckemoff is a type that plays a beautiful melody with a beautiful tone that makes you feel a little classical taste, and she does not seem like she confronts the piano very intensely. It’s a feminine piano.

Adam Rogers’s performance makes a little idyllic atmosphere, which feels comfortably in conjunction with music. Clearly, I think that it is better to for him to have a taste like the one heard here, rather than his past performances in his works as a leader. But, While enjoying this performance, it seems a little disappointing that his preference would be different.

Although the drumming of Gerald Cleaver does not become like a rage as it goes on and on, it is comfortable coupled with other rhythm instruments carving a solid beat. Is there any expression that Drew Gress’s bass, the other side of that rhythm, is doing other good job with the impression that the bass tightens performance lightly.

It is a good idea to think of redundancy, but she does not feel it, she releases 2 discs for the sake of feeling and storedividing. I think that it would be good to have divided the project into two albums in a nice way and released them with a little interval.

As for the best, it is the fifth tune of disk two.

Original Japanese:

Yelena Eckemoffはモスクワ出身の女性ピアニスト。のちに亡命してアメリカで活動をしているようです。
Yelena Eckemoff(P)、Chris Potter(Ts,Ss,Fl,Bcl)、Adam Rogers(G)、Drew Gress(B)、Gerald Cleaver(Ds) 

アルバムは2枚組で、演奏曲は各7曲ずつの14曲。すべてYelena Eckemoffのオリジナル。


Chris Potterのサックスは、個性はしっかりと出していながら端正な響きと感じさせる演奏の巧みさ。

Yelena Eckemoffは少しクラシックなテイストをも感じさせる、きれいな音色できれいな旋律を奏でていくタイプで、あまり激しくピアノと対峙するような感じてはないか。
Adam Rogersのちょっと牧歌的な雰囲気を感じさせる演奏が曲調ととも相まって心地よく響く。
Gerald Cleaverのドラムが、ここでも曲調通り暴れまわるようなことにはならないが、堅実なビートを刻んでいるのが他のリズム楽器と相まって心地良い。
そのリズムのもう一方であるDrew Gressのベースがことのほか良い演奏をしている印象で、軽快に演奏を締めているという表現があっているか。



“In the Shadow of a Cloud” Yelena Eckemoff Quintet (