• Artist

    YELENA ECKEMOFF (piano & compositions) MATS EILERTSEN (double bass) MARYLIN MAZUR (drums)

  • Released

    February 20, 2012

  • Genre


Romantically entitled album Forget-me-not – a new trio production of the pianist, composer and producer Yelena Eckemoff with Mats Eilertsen on double-bass and Marilyn Mazur on drums and percussion – appears as a surprisingly fast follow up after her last year’s trilogy of the first-rate CD releases, Cold Sun, Grass Catching the Wind, and Flying Steps.            

Forget-me-not presents yet another amazing and truly mature compositional work of Yelena Eckemoff, who also demonstrates her exquisite piano touch and well-crafted pianism of a truly gifted classically trained pianist. Imaginative and pleasantly unpredictable, ten original music compositions on the 72 minute disk embrace wide emotional pallet ranging from somber and quiet to bursting with energy and rigor. Deeply heartfelt and honest, but sentimentality free music breathes of inspiration and loving-kindness. Both the complete mutual understanding and joyful interplay between three top-notch musicians create extremely smooth musical flow, where every note and every intricate detail fits in place. Given an equal share of expression, when no instrument comes across as more important than another, performers freely showcase their masterful skills and creative talents in the fullest of their bloom and vigor. Mixed and mastered by the renowned American sound engineer, Rich Breen, Forget-me-not displays the qualities of one of the best sounding and most beautiful records in the history of modern and ECM jazz.