In the last issue the Russian-American pianist has already announced the album and it has even become a double CD. The illustrious quintet is led by saxophonist Chris Potter, guitarist Adam Rogers, bassist Drew Gress and drummer Gerald Cleaver are also on board. The enormously productive Yelena Eckemoff wrote 14 songs, which she was inspired to do mainly by childhood memories. In the booklet you can read her reminiscences, like the race to the hammock in the’ Hammock Stories’. How closely this band intertwined can be heard in the’ Waters of Tsna River’. Gress and Cleaver form a softly rippling groove that is driven by Eckemoff’s piano figures and above, Potter moves on the flute and the eloquent Rogers with melodically imaginative improvisations.

Original German:

Rolf Thomas for Jazzthing, October issue