Eckemoff is regarded today as one of the most sensual and phenomenal form of jazz overseas. 11 premiere compositions as always has full sensitivity attention to form and sound peculiar beauty, which Yelena Eckemoff accustomed us to her records.

Living and creating in the USA Russian pianist Yelena Eckemoff is a classically trained musician, with excellent effect down-path improvised music. Pianist actions in the field of jazz music are held according to strictly defined by its principles, free from the influences of classic jazz masters of the keyboard and showing her personal perception of improvised music.

Another artist’s albums recorded in complex configurations of the world’s best jazz stars in the US and European studies, and implemented by top sound engineers appear record label L & H Production. All previously issued motherboards are accompanied by colorful books with pictures from the recording sessions and the last albums also contain poems composer and reproductions of oil paintings, corresponding with the music. On these discs appear musicians such as Peter Erskine, Morten Lund, Darek Oleszkiewicz, Marilyn Mazur, Arild Andersen, Joe Locke, Tore Brunborg or Verneri Pohjola.

One of the two planned for 2016 is a CD albums “Leaving Everything Behind” recorded in the composition with Mark Feldman, Ben Street, Billy Hart, and contains 11 new tracks Yelena Eckemoff timetabled for violin, piano, bass and percussion.

Enriching the instruments of the violin is the ninth album Yelena Eckemoff’s novelty. Pianist repeatedly dressed in her songs sounds the saxophone, vand even vibraphone, but never dedicated her compositions to violin. Indigenous to the composition of the legendary Mark Feldman (including long-time collaborator John Zorn, John Abercrombie and Uri Caine), largely determined the final form of the album. The vast majority of solo violin belongs to, only occasionally dialoguing with piano. This does not mean, however, that the role of other instrumentalists limited to the accompaniment. Spatial piano parts often focus the attention of the listener. It looks great also debuting in the composition of Russian, Ben Street. Bassist permanently cooperates with Billy Hart, for whom “Leaving Everything Behind” is the third album recorded with Yelena Eckemoff.

Although sonic innovation, lovers of exceptional talent pianist and composer will find on this album is so Eckemoff is regarded today as one of the most sensual and phenomenal jazz overseas.