Today I listened to Blloming tall phlox with attention in anticipation of the new abum! It’s a CD that I’m happy to listen to even though it’s played by a backing band that aren’t as famous names as on other albums! The album sounds fantastic as well as without a short notice all the other Jelena’s SDi! Congratulations to my team at the studio on a fantastic job. Apart from being ′′ music lover ′′ at the same time I am an ′′ audiophile man ′′ I have demanding Hi-Fi systeme: Dynaudio (sp)-Musical Fidelity (amp) – Meridian (CD) with Transparent-Kimber-Way cables. They capture every detail! Looking forward to a well recorded new album that will give us a lot of pleasure during the hard time lockdowna! Let’s all enjoy together in Jelena’s new project that will make us happy and fill our collection with a perfect album.