Title: Yelena Eckemoff’s latest two-disc album

Her previous album “Nocturnal Animals” was also an exceptional work, and the latest album by Yelena Eckemoff, a pianist, composer, poet, and visual artist from Moscow, is a 2-CD set containing 11 songs. The title of this album is unique, but the cover, created by Yelena herself, is very special.

In this work, in addition to piano and keyboards, Yelena also plays Fender Rhodes on “Truth in His Heart” (Disk 1,) “The Wine of Astonishment” and “At Midnight I Will Rise” (Disk 2). The last track on disk 2, “Every Beast of The Field,” is a 19-minute epic with an interesting arrangement.

Orignal Japanese:



本作ではエレーナがピアノとキーボード以外に、disk1の『Truth in His Heart』、disk2の『The Wine of Astonishment』、『 At Midnight I Will Rise』、でフェンダーローズも披露している。Disk2のラスト、アルバムの最後を飾るナンバー『Every Beast of The Field』は約19分にも及ぶ大作でアレンジも面白い。