Lonely Man and His Fish (2CD)

A powerful 2 CD set with front-line members such as Eric Harland

L&H PRODUCTION / IMPORT / CD / LHCD80615135 / 1008616427 / Scheduled to arrive in late April

A 2-CD set of great music performed by first rate jazz musicians

2023 release by Yelena Eckemoff, a popular pianist/composer who constantly releases top records, is coming out!
Each of her records has a different concept and varied band members. But it’s hard to wait for this new record, with Eric Harland, Kirk Knuffke, and Ben Street to come out. In addition to above jazzmen, Masaru Koga, jazz musician who is multi-talented with the shakuhachi and flute, is a powerful addition to this striking lineup of band members!
Kirk Knufuku’s cornet leads, complemented by Eric Harland’s distinctive approach to the rhythm section bringing record to the pinnacle of modern jazz. With the interesting concept of adding shakuhachi player Koga express a certain ‘fish’. This is a jazz album filled with great performances and interesting musical ideas that you cannot find in any other jazz works. A 2-CD set with a 32-page booklet that also includes session photos.

Original Japanese:

Lonely Man and His Fish (2CD)


L&H PRODUCTION / IMPORT / CD / LHCD80615135 / 1008616427 / 4月下旬入荷予定

※2CD / 32頁ブックレット


毎作異なるコンセプトやメンバーで新作が待ち遠しくなる彼女ですが、本作はエリック・ハーランド、カーク・クヌフク、ベン・ストリートといった第一線で活躍するジャズメンに加え尺八やフルートなどマルチにこなすコガ マサルが参加した豪華メンバーによる強力作品!

■Yelena Eckemoff – compositions, piano, Fender Rhodes, Celeste
Kirk Knuffke – cornet
Masaru Koga – Japanese flutes
Ben Street – electric and double bass
Eric Harland – drums