Title: easily, one of the best albums of 2015

This is, easily, one of the best albums of 2015 (and many jazz oriented publications agree, as it has received numerous choices as a top release of the year). Those familiar with jazz musicians, especially those familiar with ECM Records, will recognize the stellar line-up that graces this album: Yelena, of course, on piano; Tore Brunborg, saxophone; Arild Andersen, bass; and Jon Christensen, drums. For me, in every case, each performs at the top of their form – and that is saying something! I have never heard any of these musicians sound any better than they do here. They seem to play as one, regardless of how complex the composition and/or improvisation is. Thus, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the listening pleasure is to hear the constant beautiful and seamless interaction between the four of them.

Also, I cannot say enough about how impressive Yelena’s compositions are. Just fantastic. With every listen the vibrancy, nuance, and distinctive elements of her fresh ideas grow ever stronger. Finally, the recording quality itself is absolutely pristine, as one would expect from an album recorded at Rainbow Studios by the legendary Jan Erik Kongshaug.

I cannot recommend this recording enough. Simply put, do not miss this one!