Title: Another Priceless Release by Yelena Eckemoff

As I sit and listen to LIONS for the first time I cannot help but think to myself, “How does an artist continually sound fresh, continually add new flavors to the music and continue to create a completely ethereal and all-enveloping soundstage?” Yelena is one such artist. With every release, and this one is an oft wished for two-disc set, she paints a number of smaller pictures that come together as a priceless larger one. LIONS, and even though it almost seems impossible, finds me certain that Yelena has topped herself yet again.

As with her other releases her choices for sidemen have been unquestionably of the highest caliber in their own artistic realm, in this case Arild Andersen on double bass and Billy Hart on drums.

As always, listening to this recording of Yelena’s leaves me at once relaxed and blissful, along with tense with excitement knowing that there will be another ….. and another. Thank you, Yelena and continued great success!