Here’s a disc that’s going to be a pleasant surprise. Russian-born Yelena Eckemoff is a classically trained pianist who’s put out a couple of impressive releases in that genre. On this release, she delves into jazz, and demonstrates a completely original sound; no Tyner, Jarrett, Hancock etc. A few hints of the Romantics like Chopin and Schubert pop up once in a while, but it fits in well with this trio disc with Mads Vinding/b and Morten Lund/dr. The music itself is a 75+ minute musical journey through seasons, climates and geographies, with musical waxings and wanings creating a seamless sonic panorama. The music is intelligent without being pedantic, sophisticated without being sterile, creative without being indulgent, and sensitive without being desultory. Tunes bounce, weave, collide and open up as temperatures and musical barometric pressures change. The teamwork allows for soloing for all concerned. A surprise that will stand the test of time. Look for this one!