Pianist Yelena Eckemoff consistently releases material that is deeply thought provoking and reflective. This time out, she leads a team with all stars Billy Hart/dr, Ben Street/b and for added exoticism, violinist Mark Feldman through a collection of originals.

The songs are impressionistic and filled with water colors of sound. Hart’s mallets are thoughtful taps on “Prologue” while he deftly brushes along with Street on the rustling “Mushroom Rain.” Feldman’s violin cries on the aria “Spots of Light” and is starry with a glistening vibrato on “Hope Lives Eternal.” Eckemoff herself is able to be fun and frollicky on the Isaac Hayes-inspired “Love Train” and creates moonlit shadows during “Rising From Within.” Her fall back feeling is pensive reflection, doing it most effectively on “Ocean of Pines,” while tapping into her gypsy soul with Feldman on “Coffee & Thunderstorm.”

Delicately delivered strong material.