Pianist/composer Yelena Eckemoff continues to create clever concept albums, with ideas ranging from food to the book of Psalms. On this latest venture, she creates music inspired by the writings of poet Federico Garcia Lorca, complete with associated words to each tune. There are no recitations involved, that’s all up to you.

Musically, you can’t go wrong with Eckemoff’s lyricism, especially teamed with trumpeter Paolo Fresu (also on flugelhorn) along with Riccardo Bertuzzi/eg, Luca Bulgarelli/b and Steano Bagnoli/dr. On muted horn, Fresu is pastorl on “Barren Orange Tree” and impressionisitic with Eckemoff during “Ballad of the Sea Water”  while reflected when open on “Adventurous Snail”. Bertuzzi gets featured on a flavorful “Romance of the Moon” and the leader mixes ideas from Debussy and Bill Evans on pieces like “Bells” and the soft “Memento”. Poetic justice.