Conducive to lazy occasions: Chapters of an inner journey.

Russia-born jazz pianist Eckemoff has plenty of room to allow her instrument to roam in this trio setup, so much so that the ancillary double-bassist and drummer often seem to disappear in these romantic, reflective doodles. There are ups and downs in these wanderings, but mostly ups; it’s probably more steeped in the chapters of an inner journey than it seems at first listen, which is all there’s time for by this reporter. But I do plan to get to know this genial record better when there’s nothing pressing, during lazy occasions toward which this is more conducive. Most of the passages are quiet, mercurial and slow; there’s no Chopin-esque fractalism until the 10th track (“Steps”), but even that is handled with kids gloves.

Grade: A [Release Date: 11/15/2011]