The latest work of Russian-American pianist Yelena, who was born in Moscow. She started playing the piano at the age of four, at the same time she also started to compose music. She studied classical piano at the Moscow State Conservatory. She decides to move to the US when she was 20 because she was fascinated with jazz music. She moved to North Carolina in 1991. In 2010, she released “Cold Sun” and became active in jazz music scene. The newest release is themed based on botany/ plants as shown on her cover art.  She’s focused on natural plants and flowers and expressed the vitality of plants life and their communication. The recording was made in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, with some of the best local players. 18 songs in a 2-disc set were recorded, and the titles of the songs seem to be tied with the perspective of plants and their relationship, and it is interesting to listen to each song and enjoy the sound thinking of the plants.

Masayuki Koito for The Walker’s