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Moscow’s unknown big talent, Yelena Eckemoff’s four titles of her Piano Trio are now in domestic circulation for the first time! It is a skillful school, as you can tell from gorgeous and luxurious members. Recording is also excellent. 

Piano trio work of 2010. The drums are replaced by Erskine, and the bass has been replaced by Dalek Oles, a master from Poland. This is a collection of pieces that strikingly differ from her previous works of a rigid atmosphere; here it feels as if the kindness and soft sunlight envelop the body. There are differences in compositions and concepts, but when you listen and try comparing, you can feel that this is the player who has various expressions and clearly superior. It is a true reverse style to the type that pulls with increasing the number of sounds, but it does not leak to the example of a Russian player, and the music was backed by an awesome technique. It is similar to the music of Tōkyōgen home village, where melody that is born note by note from the fluctuation of great silence, becomes a flow of several lines. I highly recommend it to everyone of piano trio fans, ECM fans, audiophiles!