Lydia-Susann Albrecht

I liked it so much that I bought it a short time later for a good friend. He, Victor, has become a great supporter and speaks to his circles about that “new discovery.”This album was and is very special to me as also the Psalms from the Bible speak most deeply to me. If I’m in a phase I can’t read or comprehend something else, I still love to be inspired by verses from the psalms. And I also love the title “better than gold and silver.” Yelena, you understood in those create moments and situations to wrap not only the spirituality but as well the precious poetry of old into your music. In your art you are kind of awaking the old feelings of the psalmist to new life. While listening, your soul is resting and slowly sliding into a world of dreams… But not into dreams of indifference, no, it is like padding through a gate into a world of praise and worship that is binding together the biblical praise of old times with a very personal contemporary attitude of praise. Colours are rising up, too, before the inner eyes of mine as a listener, – that helps to enlighten the words of the psalms and give them a more personal touch, a little bit as if the own heart is singing the verses on its own along with the psalmists. That’s my impression and feelings with “Better Than Gold And Silver.”