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● New CD ● YELENA ECKEMOFF / NOCTURNAL ANIMALS :Russia Moscow-born Elena Ekemov (p) leads the unusual quartet to describe the Norwegian scene and the harsh Nordic nature! Recorded at Rainbow Studio.
2020.01.18 (Sat)

Import CD 3,300 yen + tax (L&H PRODUCTION / CD80615129 / 0806151000346)

Russian Russia-born Yelena Eckemoff (p) leads the unique quartet to describe the Norwegian scene and the harsh nature of Scandinavia! Recorded at Rainbow Studio.

The 14 songs portray a Norwegian scene with a piano, bass, and double drums and percussion. It expresses the harsh nature of Scandinavia, and there are many lyrical pieces even though there are many solid styles, and each piece is a work full of inspiration. The recording was done in Rainbow Studio. This is the work that one of ECM’s builders, Jan Erik Kongshaug, was involved with in the end of his life.

Original japanese:

●新品CD● YELENA ECKEMOFF / NOCTURNAL ANIMALS : 露モスクワ出身のエレーナ・エケモフ(p) が変則カルテットを率いて、ノルウェーの情景、北欧の厳しい自然を描く! 録音はレインボー・スタジオ。
2020.01.18 (Sat)

輸入CD 3,300円+税 (L&H PRODUCTION / CD80615129 / 0806151000346)

露モスクワ出身のエレーナ・エケモフ(p) が変則カルテットを率いて、ノルウェーの情景、北欧の厳しい自然を描く! 録音はレインボー・スタジオ。