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2020 in Rearview, #6
I’m sharing some great musicians that I discovered during 2020. In no particular order, and I don’t know when the list will end.

#6 –

Yelena Eckemoff
She’s my fb friend! It’s a shame that I belatedly discovered the vast world of her musical storybook. She paints all of her album artwork, and the music inside is also aptly visual – a jazz impressionist! Her unique compositions always intrigue curiosity, and the flawless performances are always accompanied with so many brilliant musicians. Her latest release, “Nocturnal Animals” perfectly showcases the artful soundscape of an accomplished American jazz pianist, classically trained in the Russian school. The album is also significant as it is the last recording of the great Jon Christensen (RIP), augmented by a second drummer Thomas Strønen. Arild Andersen’s virtuosic bass tones add the authority throughout.
“Firefly” – from the album “Nocturnal Animals” (2020) This is the music that reminds me of Jesse Hong’s painting. The more I listen, the better it gets.