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Statement from L & H Production

The L & H Production record label was founded in 1997 to nurture and support the original talent of Yelena Eckemoff, whose musical abilities and dedication had come to the attention of a group of investors.

The label’s philosophy is to produce music that we would like to listen to ourselves. We believe that music should be accessible, liked by a large audience; but it should not be vulgar, nor imitative of any other music. We like sophistication and freshness of ideas, but we try to avoid music that might sound intimidating or annoying. We seek musical expression that is reflective, soulful, flowing, tasteful, and unpredictable. Most of all, we appreciate originality, talent, and professionalism.

To achieve the highest quality in our performance, we work with some of the top musicians in the world. The growing list of our artists includes such icons as Peter Erskine, Billy Hart, Marilyn Mazur, Arild Andersen, George Mraz, Mark Turner, and Chris Potter, among many others.

Similarly, we choose the finest recording studios and employ the best sound engineers to track, mix, and master our projects. We are proud to say that we don’t “cut corners” when it concerns the sound quality of our musical production. It tickles us to hear from time to time that audiophiles describe our records as the quintessence of perfect sound and listen to them using the best sound gear available on the market. 🙂

Since 2009 we have focused on modern jazz. Yelena has found her own way into jazz and created her own niche of contemporary jazz, inclusive of many styles and genres. As a composer, she likes to give musicians substantial improvisational freedom within the framework of her carefully thought-through compositions. She constantly explores ways to marry through-composed and improvised parts in one seamless whole. She believes that this is the way to evolve jazz into an American classical music. We are pleased to announce that Yelena has achieved remarkable results in this direction, and we believe she is now among the leaders in the movement of musicians pursuing similar goals.

While music is the keystone of Yelena’s professional career, for much of her life, Yelena has followed other artistic pursuits as hobbies – in particular, drawing/painting and poetic writing. A few years ago, she decided that these art forms could be joined with her music by creating her own cover art and writing free verse poetry as liner notes for her albums, which made her work more personal and unique. As a label, L & H Production welcomes this merging of the arts in the CD/vinyl presentation. In the era of smart phones and digital consumption, we are proud to offer people the greater value of owning a tangible object rather than just a digital download or streaming.

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Statement from L & H Production
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