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Album Overview:

The "Travel" album (2005) combines songs selections from Yelena Eckemoff's original music CDs released in 2000 through 2005. Tracks 1 through 3 are extracted from the not yet released album, "Medieval Symphony." Tracks 4-5 are from "The Birth of Emmanuel" CD (release of 2000). Tracks 6-8: "Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ" (2002). Tracks 9-13: "Piano Chronicles," albums 1 & 2 (2003). Tracks 14-16: "Kaleidoscope of Life" (2002). In spite of being an anthology of different works, the "Travel" album is an independent album containing easy going, upbeat and relaxing music and is quite apt for listening while driving, working or resting. This work will give you a general idea of Yelena Eckemoff's inventive musical style. Play time: 74 min.

From Yelena's Journal:

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Travel mp3  
2.Winter Pastorale    
3.The Knights’ Adventures    
4.The Baby and the Gifts Listen  
5.Return to the Land of Israel Listen  
6.Jesus is to be Put to Death Listen  
7.Empty Tomb Listen  
8.Risen Jesus Meets His Disciples Listen  
9.Presentiment of Love Listen  
10.Mirages Listen  
11.Fairyland Listen  
12.Baba-Yaga Listen  
13.Russian Fantasy Listen  
14.A Lazy Hour Listen  
15.Kaleidoscope Listen  
16.Halloween Listen  

Listeners' Comments:

"This CD is on the one hand a compilation, but the songs melt together and fit like a glove. It's like the scenes from Kafka. It feels like being asleep while you're awake. A warm feeling comes over you and it seems like all will be good. The sound I could describe like a mix between progressive and avant-garde classical and New Age music. It calms you and takes you on a wave of positive influence. A great eye opener and meeting place for her other music." [Ron "Thedoorwaymaster" (Belgium)]

"After I heard the clips from TRAVEL album on CDBaby.com I searched for all Yelena's CDs and bought them all from Amazon.com. Yelena's music has a rare quality: it is so unpredictable and keeps your attention, surprising you with each new song. Also, it is smart and helps you think, study and work. Not mentioning that it is just utterly beautiful and very high class music. I am completely impressed and hooked." [Max]