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Biblical Psalms

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Album Overview:

Setting Biblical Psalms to music has been an ongoing project for Yelena Eckemoff since 1990. Most intensively Yelena worked on the Psalms' project from 1990 to 1996, when she created over one hundred original settings. Twenty one of them were performed by the Cincinnati Conservatory graduate, soprano singer Charlene Smith of Burlington, NC, in 1992-1993. Collaboration with Charlene resulted in a number of live performances in Burlington and Greensboro, NC, and two hours of digital recordings, featuring the voice of Charlene and Yelena on piano.

Limited edition of these recordings was sold out and is no longer available. However, Yelena plans to re-release many of them in her future Biblical Psalms' series as well as make them available through digital downloads stores.

Some of the Yelena's Psalms settings were performed by the various church choirs. The most recent live performance of several Psalms composed by Yelena was in October of 2006 by the "Singers of Hope" Chorus directed by Yelena, as well as by the soloists. The concert was hosted by the First Baptist Church of Yanceyville, NC, and also featured classical and traditional choral music.

For her word-by-word settings, Yelena has chosen the Old King James version of the Bible. Musically, the settings vary from the ones that are written closer to classical music traditions, to the ones that have contemporary sound with the touch of soft rock and distinctive ethnic influences.

From Yelena's Journal:

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Psalms mp3
1. Psalm 3 Listen
2. Psalm 14 Listen
3. Psalm 16 Listen
4. Psalm 23 Listen
5. Psalm 24 Listen
6. Psalm 25 Listen
7. Psalm 26
8. Psalm 27 Listen
9. Psalm 28 Listen
10. Psalm 29 Listen
11. Psalm 30 Listen
12. Psalm 31 Listen
13. Psalm 43 Listen
14. Psalm 63 Listen
15. Psalm 98 Listen
16. Psalm 113 Listen
17. Psalm 123 Listen
18. Psalm 133 Listen
19. Psalm 134 Listen
20. Psalm 141 Listen
21. Psalm 142 Listen

Listeners' Comments:

"As Yelena has felt led of God to set Psalms to music, it is only appropriate that she goes forward with this challenge. My own attitude is one of admiration for her in her obedience to God's leading. The performance of the Psalms by Yelena Eckemoff and Charlene Smith clearly gives indication of their extensive background in the field of music; very professionally done and with great reverence for the love and awesome power of God in our lives. The music is helpful for meditation. As God speaks to me through the music, He deals with different facets of my life. As they are produced, I would like to hear more of the Psalms composed by Yelena." [Tim Holleman]

"Yelena Eckemoff, in obedience to God's leading, shares His love with others through her musical composition for the Psalms... to the Glory of the Almighty!.." [anonymous member of Holly Hill Baptist Church]

"I feel Yelena is being guided by her talent and spirit to write the Psalms. It is truly a blessing to hear how beautifully they come together in her works. To me the most attractive in her music is its uniqueness and passion. I'd like to hear any of her music anytime." [Malinda Whitelaw, musician]

"Good, uplifting blend of voice and piano. My favorite Psalms on this album are 23, 142 123, 14, 16, and 98. Keep up the composing, Yelena, you have tremendous talent!" [Rosemarie Goslen]

"I liked all the Psalms I heard. Very professional, very easy to listen to. Music is so well done that it will last a long time - become classic. It is not just a "trend" in music. " [Pat Kincheloe, pianist]

"Beautiful music and outstanding performance. I love scriptures set to music. It is so inspiring and also helps with memorizing the Scripture." [Anita Collins]

"I like to listen to these lovely recordings while reading the Psalms in my Bible during quiet times and personal devotions. I really enjoy hearing the Psalms sung rather than recited." [June Wright]

"The power of Yelena's talent and the power of the Scriptures put together make it a superior work and perfect tool for ministry. My favorites are Psalms 23, 27 and 29." [Ruth Lee]

"The style reminiscent classical music, but it is also original. The music and performance seems being inspired by God. " [Anita Gates]