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Piano Series 1

Piano Series 1

Album Overview:

Piano Series v.1 (1997) is a fortunate combination of thoughtful, intelligent, sensible piano playing and nicely blended musical pieces written by classical music composers E. Grieg, C. Gluck, F. Chopin, W. Mozart, P. Tchaikovsky and R. Schumann. The selections fit together to make listening a pleasure, much enhanced by Yelena's unique piano touch. Since this album was released in 1997 it became the favorite among those who like to listen to classical piano music.

From Yelena's Journal:

"This album I've had recorded before I had an opportunity to record live piano in my own studio. So I had to take my equipment to different places and play on different pianos. It took me three sessions to record this album. The first was played on the "Young Chang" grand piano rented for me by the church to play a concert. The second recording session was at the Music store on the full-sized "Boston" grand. The third was almost a year later, when I was getting ready for giving concert with another program, in a huge Sanctuary, where I played the grand piano I especially loved.

Time was limited, and I did not have an opportunity to record many takes. My husband was the sound engineer. He represented also an audience. It feels different when someone listens to you, even if it is just one person. Even if that person is your husband. I was recording my first piano CD and felt inspired, but all sessions were extremely tiresome as I strived to achieve the maximum productivity for the relatively short period of time. Each session lasted about three hours, and afterwards I felt completely drained."

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Edward Grieg (1843 - 1907) - 14 Lyrical Pieces
1.Arietta, op.12 No. 1 Listen Download
2.Waltz, op. 12 No. 2 Listen Download
3.Watchman's Song, op. 12 No. 3 Listen Download
4.Fairy Dance, op.12 No. 4 Listen Download
5.Popular Melody, op. 12 No. 5 Listen Download
6.Norwegian Melody, op. 12 No. 6 Listen Download
7.Album Leaf, op. 12 No. 7 Listen Download
8.Melody, op. 38 No.3 Listen Download
9.Halling, op. 38 No. 4 Listen Download
10.Waltz, op. 38 No. 7 Listen Download
11.Butterfly, op. 43 No. 1 Listen Download
12.Lonely Wanderer, op. 43 No. 2 Listen Download
13.Little Bird, op. 43 No. 4 Listen Download
14.To Spring, op. 43 No. 6 Listen Download
Christoph W. Gluck (1714 - 1787)
15.Melody from opera "Orpheus and Eurydice" Listen Download
Frederic Chopin (1810 -1849)
16.Etude in F Minor, op. 25 No. 2 Listen Download
17. Waltz in C# Minor, op. 64 No. 2 Listen Download
18. Nocturne in F# Major, op. 15 No. 2 Listen Download
19. Nocturne in C# Minor, op. Posthumous Listen Download
Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756 -1791)
20. Sonata in A-major, 1st movement - Andante grazioso Listen Download
21. Sonata in A-major, 2nd movement - Menuetto Listen Download
22. Sonata in A-major, 3rd movement - Rondo alla turca Listen Download
Piotr I. Tchaikovsky (1840 -1893)
23. Romance in F Minor, op. 5 Listen Download
Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
24. Intermezzo Listen Download
25. Why Listen Download

Listeners' Comments:

"I haven't heard the piano played like this for a long, long time. Maybe never - I forget. You don't have to be as old as dirt, like me, to appreciate it." [C. Galyon - 78 years old]

"It is very beautiful!.." [Marjorie Van Horn, office manager]

"A graceful, airy sound, good taste; very, very nice." [George Kiorpes, piano professor]

"I love to listen to it. In fact, I listen to it all the time in my car. It is so peaceful!" [Annette Steed, pastor's wife]

"This is my most favorite of Yelena's CD's. This talented artist truly does have heavenly fingers. I play it for my guests at dinner parties and everyone loves it. I can't wait for the next Volume to come out!" [Karen F. Moore]

"When experiencing Yelena Eckemoff's Piano Series Volume 1, feelings of calmness and emotions of peacefulness will engulf your surroundings. If your demanding life creates stress, these piano selections will bring a bit of Heaven into your world. Guaranteed tranquility!" [Sue Wooten Grissom]

"I find listening to classical music very calming when I'm driving. On my way to work this morning, I enjoyed Yelena's Piano Series Vol. 1. Delightful! She is a gifted pianist. I highly recommend her CDs." [J. Kerr]

"I am not too much into classical music, but Yelena's piano playing has therapeutic quality. It makes me feel happy, peaceful and kind of lightheaded. I am not a musician, so I have no idea what Yelena's secret is and why her piano playing sounds so incredibly good and healing. I just love to listen to it." [Max]

"Just what I like to hear--classical piano that speaks of perfect touch, deep emotion, exceptional talent. A wonderful selection with exquisite dynamics." [Gail F. Stilwell]