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Piano Chronicles 2

Piano Chronicles 2

Album Overview:

Both Piano Chronicles albums (2003) offer gentle calming music with hint of youthful imagination and sensibility. It sounds pleasantly sophisticated and fresh due to unusual harmonic and melodic structures. It is perfect to listen to while driving, meditating or relaxing. Anyone who enjoys piano music will love this original epic work, which gives a perspective of Yelena' s development as a composer.

From Yelena's Journal:

"Two albums of Piano Chronicles consist of four suites of relatively short musical pieces: Feelings (I composed them when I was 16-17 years old), Sketches of My Youth (age 22-23), Poetic Songs (age 28-29) and Old, New Impressions (age 38-40).  

Poetic Songs were recorded as the songs where the vocal part is replaced with musical instruments. Piano still has a big role in the musical texture, but other sounds are employed. Each ‘song’ was a poetry setting and locally performed by singers back in the late 80's. "Baba-Yaga", by the way, is a popular fairy tale character representing an old and ugly witch. I used poems by Garcia Lorka (When I Die and The Desert Remained), Ivan Bunin (Fairy Land and Baba-Yaga), Yavukhulan (Mirages), Jose Santas (Condor) and Suntaro Tanikawa (Sonnet).

Old, New Impressions suite has a mixture of subjects, moods and methods of expression. Seven out of eleven pieces are performed on the pure piano. Passing Dream and The Clouds of Blue are only slightly touched by other instrumental sounds. Folk Waltz is a live piano in the first half of a piece, and the rest is a MIDI orchestra. The last piece Russian Fantasy is a funky arrangement of popular Russian folk song White Birch.

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POETIC SONGS (28-29 years old)
1.When I Die Listen Download
2.The Desert Remained Listen Download
3. Mirages Listen Download
4. Condor Listen Download
5. Sonnet Listen Download
6. Fairyland Listen Download
7.Baba-Yaga Listen Download
OLD, NEW IMPRESSIONS  (38-40 years old)
8.Pictures of the Past Listen Download
9.My Pastel Drawings Listen Download
10.Bitter and Sweet Listen Download
11.Passing Dream Listen Download
12.Reading by the River Listen Download
13.The Clouds of Blue Listen Download
14.Comparable Matters Listen Download
15.Iced Rain Listen Download
16.Dec. 31, 1972 Listen Download
17. Folk Waltz Listen Download
18. Russian Fantasy Listen Download

Listeners' Comments:

"Yelena has an exquisite touch and exceptional training to produce melodies like a breath of fresh air. To listen to her music is a treat on any occasion." [Gail F. Stilwell]