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Piano Chronicles 1

Piano Chronicles 1

Album Overview:

Both Piano Chronicles albums (2003) offer gentle calming music with hint of youthful imagination and sensibility. It sounds pleasantly sophisticated and fresh due to unusual harmonic and melodic structures. It is perfect to listen to while driving, meditating or relaxing. Anyone who enjoys piano music will love this original epic work, which gives a perspective of Yelena' s development as a composer.

From Yelena's Journal:

"Two albums of Piano Chronicles consist of four suites of relatively short musical pieces: Feelings (I composed them when I was 16-17 years old), Sketches of My Youth (age 22-23), Poetic Songs (age 28-29) and Old, New Impressions (age 38-40).

Feelings suite reflects 15 different states of the teenager's mind, such as laziness, anxiety, love, doubts, tenderness, despair, joy, awakening, etc. For the clear natural sound of my piano I've chosen close microphones method of recording. Being brought up as a classical musician, I wrought these pieces in the traditions of modern classical music. However, at the time of composing the Feelings I had just started to listen to rock and beat of 60's and early 70's, and my new musical impressions are transparently reflected in these compositions.

Sketches of My Youth suite reflects my studies of jazz. My music style adopted principles of improvisation and some of the jazz techniques. Also, the last four out of 13 pieces of this suite have other musical instruments added to the live piano sound. I recorded all the new sounds on digital keyboard using various MIDI samples. It should also be noted that in my 1997 CD The Birth of Emmanuel I used musical material of the following pieces from the Sketches of My Youth suite: Watching a Night Sky (became a track Flight to Egypt in The Birth of Emmanuel), Mushroom Shower (- track The Baby and the Gifts) and Leaving Everything Behind (- track Return to the land of Israel)."

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1.Purity Listen Download
2.Experience Listen Download
3.Laziness Listen Download
4.Anxiety Listen Download
5.Love Listen Download
6.Doubts Listen Download
7.Tenderness Listen Download
8.Despair Listen Download
9.Weeping Listen Download
10.Sleep Listen Download
11.Awakening Listen Download
12.Idyll Listen Download
13.Joy Listen Download
14.Energy Listen Download
15.Destiny Listen Download
16.Reflections in the Mirror Listen Download
17.Isolated in Yourself Listen Download
18.The Man Who is Not Here Listen Download
19.Watching a Night Sky Listen Download
20.Mushroom Shower Listen Download
21.Nothing is Over for Those Who Hope Listen Download
22.In a Jazz Studio Listen Download
23.Passions Over Mistrust Listen Download
24.Ratification of the Freedom Listen Download
25.Persistence Listen Download
26.Presentiment of Love Listen Download
27.Calm Before the Tempest Listen Download
28.Leaving Everything Behind Listen Download

Listeners' Comments:

"To my opinion, you simply can't find a better piano background music CD than "Piano Chronicles." [Nicholas Scott, student]

"Listening to the "Feelings" makes me think better, and "Sketches of my Youth" set me in romantic mood. I just love to listen to this music over and over again! " [Louise Hodges]

"Although I don't know a lot about Yelena or her past, when I listen to Piano Chronicles 1 & 2 I feel as I am listening to a story about her life. Sometimes I even catch myself crying, laughing or smiling to myself as I listen to these stories of life through Yelena's music. ABSOLUTELY wonderful!" [Kim Kerns]