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Kaleidoscope of Life

Kaleidoscope of Life

Album Overview:

Kaleidoscope of Life (2001) is a 74 minute 'window opening' to the life of an average family with three kids and a dog. Each piece alludes to some part of an everyday life. Musical tracks are preceded by short segments of sound effects taken from an artist's own life, which makes this album a very personal one. Similar to real kaleidoscope, music texture is ever changing and weaves together bunches of nice melodies. This album was accepted by the fans of easy listening and new age music as well as mothers with children as the most satisfying family listening.

From Yelena's Journal:

"There were moments when I just improvised something to give myself a rest from hard work. I sat down and made up light tunes that would reflect my current mood. I called those improvisations 'my musical toys', because I did not give them too much credit in comparison with my 'serious' music projects. At times I penciled them down on paper, at other times I happened to record what I spontaneously played.

My 'toy pile' grew slowly, but surely until at certain point it occurred to me that these musical 'toys' somehow reflected my family life in the most part of the 90's, during the time when my husband and I tried to establish ourselves in America and our kids were fairly small. I felt almost nostalgic desire to assemble these pieces together in form of a scrapbook, or a family diary. I wanted to do that just for myself, my husband and our children. For the fun of it I even 'illustrated' my Musical Diary with our pictures and sound excerpts from the family videos.

As it often happens, the project was getting bigger with every step, and unexpectedly it grew out of a merely personal business. On the one hand it was still very personal, yet on the other hand I could not help but notice that the life I managed to portrait looked so much alike with the life of a typical, young - to middle aged American family. As I realized that, I started to think about sharing my 'toys' with others, who might associate somehow their past or present family life experiences with mine. Because in the end who else are we, humans, if not brothers and sisters, children of the same and only Creator - from the beginning of times?.. In our multiple differences, let's face it, we all are yet so much alike. And the most precious 'possession' we develop in the course of our lives, I think, is our family experiences."

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1.Morning Hopes Listen Download
2.Busy Day Listen Download
3.A Lazy Hour Listen Download
4.Halloween Listen Download
5.Play Time Listen Download
6.Kaleidoscope Listen Download
7.In a Blue Mood Listen Download
8.Dreams Listen Download
9.Happy Moments Listen Download
10.Grandma Olga's Waltz Listen Download
11.The Daily Round Listen Download
12.Christmas Tree Listen Download
13.Do It My Way Listen Download
14.Waiting Listen Download
15.Evening Tea Listen Download
16.Late Hour Listen Download

Listeners' Comments:

"This is one of my favorite CDs to listen to. This music makes me feel good inside and helps me appreciate all that God has blessed me with, especially my family. We listen to Kaleidoscope CD almost daily during our family reading time, and it helps us to relax and enjoy our quiet time together." [Kim Kerns]

"The music is absolutely wonderful! It's so calming and peaceful to listen to it. When it is on, children seem to enjoy it, too, and they play well." [Diane Mundy]

"I just listened to the CD yesterday. I liked it. Loved the recordings that preceded each piece, certainly depicted slices of life. It is a very innovative CD and I hope people will share it with their friends." [Leigh Green]

"So personal, yet so universal. Beautiful music with such a flair. I enjoy this album in the car, especially on trips with my grandchildren, and they love it ,too. Her talent is amazing." [Gail F. Stilwell]

"I like the improvisational mood of this music; it sounds spontaneous and straight from the heart. The innocent and playful melodies made me think of my own children when they were younger. I have determined that Ms. Eckemoff played the piano but I wonder who played the other instruments. The box didn't say, but it was a very tasteful performance." [Sean Ivar]