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Grass Catching the Wind

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Album Overview:

With Yelena on piano, Mads Vinding on double-bass, and Morten Lund on drums, this extra long (78 minutes) album explores the seasons of spring, summer and fall. Together with the wintry “Cold Sun,” it completes the Seasons theme. Yelena continues experimenting with merging post-bop jazz improvisations with the sophistication of modern classical music structures, resulting in very groovy and elegant, as well as deeply meaningful and complex music.

From Yelena's Journal:

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Grass Catching the Wind mp3
1. Anticipation of Spring Listen
2. Rain Streams Listen
3. Sonnet for the Flowers Listen
4. Somebody Likes Jogging Listen
5. Night of the Fireflies & Crickets Listen
6. Emerald World Listen
7. Summer Heat Listen
8. Overcast Listen
9. Grass Catching the Wind Listen
10. Harvest Listen
11. Beautiful Destruction Listen
12. Neverland Listen

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