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Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Kaleidoscope of Life

Album Overview:

Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ (2002) puts a unique life and passion into the final two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. This is perhaps the most unusual Christian instrumental music there is. It represents Yelena's unique style and orchestration in its best: soothing new age sound, yet filled with spiritual depth and power. Like "The Birth of Emmanuel," this CD sets new directions in the Christian instrumental music mainstream.

From Yelena's Journal:

"Soon after the release of The Birth of Emmanuel CD, my friend listened to that CD while I was commenting on various details of that work. As the CD ended, my friend said something like, "I wish it would continue, I feel like hearing the rest of a story." I thought, indeed, the ending asked for a sequel.  

If The Birth of Emmanuel was mainly about the sequence of historical events that reflected on the beginning of God's Salvation Plan, not much about Jesus as a person, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ focuses strictly around the personality and feelings of Jesus Christ who was born as a human, yet was God Himself having come to earth to die and be raised again in order to bring salvation to the humankind. In the Birth of Emmanuel, Jesus is still a baby, a child, maybe even a teenager; God in Him was still dormant, despite of  Him being not like anyone else; and there was that  soaring and tragic mystery about  Emmanuel as He grew and formed to later having been awakened as the 33-years old Son of God with a clear understanding about the magnificent mission that He was to carry out  in accordance with the ever-existed Father's Plan.

And now here is the Death and Resurrection, where Jesus is mature man whose mission is about to come to its climax, but the most difficult trial - indescribable pain, emotional and physical sufferings, agonizing death and, finally, the glorious resurrection - are all still ahead."

Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ mp3
1.Jesus is to be Put to Death (3:46) Listen
2.The Thirty Pieces of Silver (2:54) Listen
3.Jesus and Pilate (4:27) Listen
4.A Tumult Prevails (4:31) Listen
5.Crucifixion (9:41) Listen
6.Jesus is Mocked on the Cross (5:22) Listen
7.Jesus' Last Words and Death (4:54) Listen
8.Jesus is Buried (6:08) Listen
9.Empty Tomb (4:25) Listen
10.Risen Jesus Meets His Disciples (5:52) Listen
11.Narration from Matthew Listen

Listeners' Comments:

"The work "Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ" puts a unique life and passion into the life and passion of Jesus Christ. The final two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew and the life of Jesus are depicted here in an hour of music that serves to deepen and expand any listener's understanding of the price that Jesus paid on the cross and the hope that death extends to all who believe. If one sits down to read the Matthew narration of Christ's passion (which is conveniently included on this CD), one often finds that the narrative is very fact-oriented. Rarely is one allowed a glimpse into the emotion, thoughts, and struggles of the different characters who prove pivotal in Jesus' death - including those of Jesus himself. Yet the music of "Death and Resurrection" augments and accompanies the historical narrative with deep emotional insight.

In the first track, "Jesus is to be put to Death," one experiences the clashing notes of anguish intermingled with a beautiful piano line that depicts the depth of Christ's love, even amidst heart-wrenching betrayal. In the piece "Thirty Pieces of Silver," dark tunes marking Judas' horrific realization of his sin are intervened with the sounds reminding of shaken coins; the chilling music escalates into a cacophony of noise showing the emotion of Judas hurdling toward his fate. The track "Jesus and Pilate" shows the silence of Jesus before his accusers with gentle melody that expresses Jesus' loving resignation to accept the fate ordained for him. This soaring gentleness stands in sharp contrast with the loud, grating sounds of the people's tumult as Jesus is condemned, mocked, and then crucified.

Yet unlike many modern treatments of Jesus' last days, which tend to focus solely on the gruesomeness and injustice of Jesus' passion and death, this album does not stop with Jesus' death. Rather, the final tracks allow light to creep in through the darkness, showing what lies beyond the cross - an empty tomb, and the triumphant appearance of Jesus to his agonized disciples. In the end, "Death and Resurrection" beautifully holds together the two main components of the Christian story - Jesus' crucifixion and Jesus' ultimate triumph - showing how the two are intimately tied to one another and work together to make God's story of salvation complete. This sensitive yet bold composition allows the listener to emerge from the sorrow and anguish of Jesus' death filled with hope in the future that all can find in the risen Lord." [Abby Thornton, student of the Duke University Divinity School]

"The way this music unfolds the Biblical story gives me chills. If I could give it 6 stars I would. Very strong and emotional, this music is graceful like the wind rustling through the stable on the hour of Jesus' birth. Gentle like the carpenter's early years and tearfully heart breaking like His final hours.

The melodies at times reminded me Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony. Track "Empty Tomb" reminded me of something Pink Floyd might do if they were more into classical music. I loved the sound of the piano leading in tracks 1, 3, 4, and the second part of track 10 - the only joyful music of this dark album.

At first it was not easy for me to listen to this music because of its complexity. But as I slowly got into it (sometime during the third track) I could not stop. And what a reward I got in the end!" [Sean Ivar]