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Advocate of Love

Advocate of Love

Album Overview:

This 72 minute album was recorded in the summer of 2008. Yelena plays the piano, Pat Lawrence - double-bass and Michael Bolejack - drums and percussions. Gayle Masarie's beautiful cello playing graces four out of the thirteen songs. All original new music was written by Yelena in 2007 - 2008, but no matter how sophisticated and tight, compositions still leave room for free improvising, which is noticeably more abundant on this album than on the previous, "The Call." Although somewhat similar to "The Call," music and the overall sound of the "Advocate of Love" drifts deep into free jazz style approaching the golden middle between modern chamber music and jazz with distinctive european flavor.

From Yelena's Journal:

In producing this album, I was driven by the idea of creating series of musical pieces reflecting various moods of love. I wished to base this project not merely on my personal experiences, but rather on the cumulative idea of love as the most wonderful and disturbing phenomenon of the universe. I wanted to create feeling of overpowering yearning for love and sought to express the best I could the enormous power of love as the life-force that nurtures all humankind. Even the songs that are named without direct referral to the subject of love were meant to be connected to the same idea. You are welcome to imagine where the connection might be drawn. For example, "Fresh Air & Coffee" could be interpreted as having coffee together with the loved one as a backdrop for the turbulent conversation. Other romantic idea(s) might be applied to the song “Dancing Shadows.”  The rest of the pieces bear self-explanatory names; but please give way to your imagination if the music speaks to you!

Being a big fan of the ECM Records label, I was seeking to achieve the similar sound that I love on the numerous Manfred Eicher’s productions. Certainly, I could not technically match my sound with the ECM sound, yet in some ways I think I succeeded to get somewhat close in terms of the balance between instruments and richness of the mid-rangy color of the sound. My task was to put the listener together with the performing musicians, as if the listener is a part of the music making. Intentionally, I tried to avoid making an impression that music is played in the distance, as if on the stage somewhere. I have already been both criticized and praised for my sound engeneering approach. But even though, being a perfectionist, I can never be completely satisfied with my work; I do like how this album sounds in general and how it came out all-together. The most importantly, Pat, Mike, Gayle and myself sure had a lot of fun playing and recording “Advocate of Love” this summer, and I hope we managed to capture our feelings of excitement and desire to express the best of us and of our understanding of love in this music.

Advocate of Love mp3
1. Rising From Within (6:57) Listen
2. Longing (6:18) Listen
3. Fresh Air and Coffee (6:01) Listen
4. Tears of Tenderness (4:10) Listen
5. A Date in Paradise (5:27) Listen
6. Love Train (5:30) Listen
7. Enchanted (2:51) Listen
8. Dancing Shadows (4:50) Listen
9. Unspoken Truth (5:43) Listen
10. Something For You (4:50) Listen
11. Yes or No? (4:28) Listen
10. Solitude (6:30) Listen
11. Advocate of Love (6:48) Listen

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